Privacy Policy

SkyTimer and Your Data

SkyTimer was built with privacy in mind. In fact, none of your identifiable information is shared with us through the app.

Let’s look at how your data is used:
  • No Identifiable User Information Is Shared

    By design, you do not create an account with SkyTimer and your use of the app is completely anonymous. You will need to log in to the App Store with your Apple ID to download the app, but Apple does not provide us with that information. Apple does provide us with general trends about the app (number of downloads, regions users are in, etc), but there is no way for us to identify a specific user with that information.

  • Your GPS Location Isn't Tracked

    When you create a trip in SkyTimer and use the GPS to detect your location, that information remains on your device. SkyTimer is able to determine the airport you’re at by crosschecking your GPS location against a worldwide airport database stored locally on your device–your GPS location is never sent to a server.

  • Your Trip Data Isn't Stored On Our Servers

    When you complete a trip, the data associated with that trip is saved locally on your device and then synced to your iCloud account. That allows another device tied to your iCloud account (e.g. an Apple Watch) to then receive and sync that data. None of that information is available to us and it is securely stored on Apple’s servers.

  • Even a SkyTimer Plus Subscription Purchase Is Anonymous

    When you subscribe to SkyTimer Plus, Apple manages and stores all of your payment information. We’re not provided with any information on your method of payment, nor is that data stored on our servers. To grant you access to SkyTimer Plus, SkyTimer sets an anonymous Subscription ID unique to your Apple account. When you subscribe, that Subscription ID is passed along to Apple and Apple then notifies us that unique Subscription ID has an active subscription. That ID is stored on our servers so we can reauthorize your SkyTimer Plus subscription (e.g. if you get a new phone or watch), but we are never able to tie it back to your contact information or email. Over time, Apple will continue to notify us of your subscription status using that Subscription ID. For customer support issues, we make the Subscription ID available to you within the SkyTimer iPhone app (Settings -> About SkyTimer -> Tap on “SkyTimer Plus”). We may ask you for that ID to help troubleshoot an issue, but that is the only time we would be able to tie your Subscription ID back to you.

  • You Can Choose To Share Anonymous Crash Reports

    Apple provides us with crash reports related to SkyTimer, but only for users that have opted in to provide that data. That information is still anonymous and is only used to help improve the app and minimize bugs.

  • We Won't Share Your Email Address

    If you choose to sign up for our mailing list, we’ll have your email address and we'll store it securely. But we’ll never share that with another company unless it with the email service provider(s) we use to send the emails to you. (And we'll certainly never share your email address or contact information to anyone else.)

Bottom Line

We’ve purposefully created very few opportunities for you to provide us with information about yourself. And any information we do receive from you will not be sold or rented to others. In the event that your information needs to be shared with service providers (e.g. email distribution), we ensure that these partners have rigorous information protection policies in place.